Yes, It IS That Crazy Out There.

I’ve been meaning to write for awhile, but the market is in such a state that I was not sure where to begin? What is happening nationally, is intensified here in Nashville at a more exacerbated level. You’ve probably already heard, there is an inventory shortage, driving competition among buyers to a level that is … Continue Reading

2020 Market Recap

You still hanging in there?! Dry January isn’t happening this year for me and I’ll leave it at that! Market stats for 2020 show what we’ve surprised ourselves by saying for most of the pandemic…real estate is still churning. December was another solid month despite the Holidays. And 2020 as a whole compared to 2019….. … Continue Reading

Fall Updates + Holidays

With inventory still very tight, and interest rates historically low, we are continuing a strong Seller’s market here in Nashville. As you can see below, the demand is also driving up prices. In other news, I have had the great honor of being voted onto the Board of Directors for Greater Nashville REALTORS®️, and am … Continue Reading

Late Summer Market Update + Honey Harvest

How’s everyone holding up? I hope this finds you and your safe and healthy. I’ve got 2 kids in virtual school, so we’ll see how that’s going in a few weeks. July was a record-breaking month for real estate despite everything going on – crazy I know. Stats below show how the market rebounded from … Continue Reading

Property Tax Increases + Corn Risotto

If you live in Davidson county, then you are no doubt concerned about what the new property tax increase will look like for you. (2020 is really bringing it, yet again). Tax bills are issued in October, and most of us will find our escrow accounts short since the tax will be applied for ALL … Continue Reading

Home Values During the Pandemic + Sanity Check

The last time I posted was only 6 weeks ago, but it feels like a lifetime. The perception of time seems to be skewed during this pandemic, and I find yesterday feeling like a week ago often…and it’s weird. I hope this finds you healthy, with your wits still about you as we move into … Continue Reading

Are You OK?!

So much has happened since I last wrote…I had so much to tell you, like the news about our company merger, and other real estate-y things, and none of it really matters now. What I want to know is if you’re OK!? So many are not. Lost jobs/homes to the tornado, lost loved ones from … Continue Reading

Happy New Year + 2019 Recap

2019 was another record-breaking year in the Nashville real estate market. While other markets are experiencing a slight cooling-off as predicted by now, Nashville is still holding strong. Corporate relocations to the area are creating more jobs and bringing more people here in general. The statistics on the top states gaining residents – surprise – … Continue Reading

Fall Y’all + Catbird Revisited

Market stats for last month are out and as the third quarter rounds out – there is a 4% increase in sales year to date. While other markets are seeing a more pronounced softening, the Nashville market is still very strong. Mortgage rates are still low, and despite consumers using a bit more caution, they … Continue Reading

Late Summer Update + Honey Harvest

I know, it’s been a minute since I last updated you. The Nashville market is still strong despite some recent economic indicators that things might be shifting over the next 18 months. If that indeed comes to pass, I think Nashville’s low unemployment rate will help us weather changes better than other markets. July numbers … Continue Reading