April Newsletter + Did You Know?

Hello! This month, we have our monthly stats, (no slowdown yet) some FAQs/refresher tips on first time home buying, and a Spring recipe to get us in the spirit of the season amid the green pollen film currently falling all over EVERYTHING.

Davidson County

Home sales in Nashville and Davidson County continue climbing.

The total number of units sold in March were up 7% and average home sales prices were up 9% from last year.

There were 1,538 home sales recorded for the month averaging $293,671 compared to 1,435 sales recorded in March 2016 averaging $268,316.

Median home sale prices were up 11% from last year to $238,000 versus $215,000 last March.

Through the first quarter of 2017 the number of home sales recorded are up 8% and the average home sales price is up 10% from Q1 2016.

Antioch (37013) had the most home sales for the month with 179 recorded averaging $184,751.

Green Hills (37215) recorded the highest average sales price for the month of $781,910 across 64 sales.


Williamson County

Home sales were up 8% with 523 sales recorded for the month compared to 483 recorded in March 2016.

The average home sales price was up 5% to $485,746. The median sales price was $420,000, up 1% from last year.

Franklin West (37064) had the most home sales for the month with 158 sales recorded averaging $445,321.

Brentwood (37027) had the highest average sales price of $862,648 across 69 sales.


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It’s easy to forget what we DIDN’T know about the home buying process when we were first starting out. In an effort to combat common misconceptions, and keep us up to date on what may be new information due to changes in the laws, I’ve created a page called “Did You Know?”

A few examples of what I address are:

DYK? You do not have to have 20% down payment to purchase a home. There are government loans such as THDA that provide down payment assistance, and with good credit, you may qualify for a conventional loan with only 3% down.

DYK? The onsite agent at a new construction development is not an agent working for you – they represent the builder. If you a view a home with them, they often require a buyer to sign that they will not use their own representation. Call your agent to accompany you to the build site, or you will have compromised your negotiating power and ability to have your own representation.

DYK? Your Realtor can show you any property that is available for sale, not just their own listings! Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, some agents had territories, and geographical restrictions in certain markets. Today your buyers agent can show you any property that is for sale in your market.


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Spring means tender, thin asparagus is one of the best things you can get at the store, so I plan to make this next, which would also make a great brunch dish. Egg and asparagus pair perfectly, and it’s easy too!

Recipe is here.

Plus, if you’re like me, just roasted or grilled is good enough, but a nice sauce might punch it up a bit. Try these!

Until next time,