2023 Year-End Data + Toffee

I hope everyone had a happy and healthy Holiday season and have since recovered from the arctic blast that was our local snowmageddon! The year-end market data was released earlier this month, and as we all know…it’s been a slower year, but home prices are NOT bottoming out as Buyers had hoped. Affordability is still,… Continue reading 2023 Year-End Data + Toffee

Happy Holidays + Honey Update

It’s coming down to the final stretch of the calendar year and we’re all running as fast as we can. Today brought some exciting news for mortgage rates – another day below 7%, and the 10-year Treasury at its lowest in over a year means we *think* the rate peak has passed for now, and… Continue reading Happy Holidays + Honey Update

Market Update + Fried Sage

How’s the market? Well, what have you heard? There’s always a lot of chatter when there are shifts in the market and some of it is accurate, and some of it isn’t. Are interest rates at an all-time high? No, but they are at a 20 year high. That said, the higher rates now are… Continue reading Market Update + Fried Sage

Summer Recap + Stained Glass Pasta

Schools have started back and as Summer draws to a close, it’s time to take a look at what the last few months have brought us in the market. Some like to say our housing market is in a “rolling recession,” but Economist Dr. Marci Rossell has deemed it more of a “purgatory” since demand… Continue reading Summer Recap + Stained Glass Pasta

Spring Market + Seasoned Sunday

It’s been a rollercoaster in real estate the last few years, and this Spring has been no exception. As interest rates rose, many Buyers took a pause out of fear they would drop again pay too much. Then as they got used to the idea that 6.5% is actually not terrible, just not the bargain… Continue reading Spring Market + Seasoned Sunday

New Market Data + USN Class with Hattie B’s

Last week I had the pleasure of hearing Jessica Lautz, NAR Deputy Chief Economist and Vice President of Research, present to Greater Nashville REALTORS®️ the latest data and forecasting both nationally and locally. Some of the most interesting takeaways were seeing the numbers behind some of the trends we were seeing, affirming that they were… Continue reading New Market Data + USN Class with Hattie B’s

Happy New Year + 2022 Year-End Recap

Happy New Year! I hope you had a safe and healthy holiday season and are ready to embrace all that 2023 has to bring. The numbers for 2022 are in and it’s clear the pandemic boom has settled us back to a more “normal” market. While median prices are still up year over year, volume… Continue reading Happy New Year + 2022 Year-End Recap

Local Recession Thoughts + Happy Thanksgiving

While some recent pundits have predicted all doom and gloom for the housing market, I think Nashville is still in a stronger position than other markets nationally. Why? Our job market is strong and people still want to live here. Nashville/Davidson/Murfreesboro/Columbia, TN Unemployment Rate is at 2.50%, compared to 2.80% last month and 3.10% last… Continue reading Local Recession Thoughts + Happy Thanksgiving

Adjusting Expectations + Halloween Galette

I get a lot of questions about this changing market and what it looks like ahead. None of us have a crystal ball, but we do have a good read on what is happening now. Last month we addressed the rebalancing of the market, and how this shift is bringing us back to pre-pandemic levels… Continue reading Adjusting Expectations + Halloween Galette

Change is the Only Constant + Peaches

Summer is officially over, and as we roll into Autumn, let’s reflect on where we are in the market. We saw some panic over the Summer as interest rates rose and became more volatile, but most Buyers are now realizing that they can refinance down the line and have decided to get back off the… Continue reading Change is the Only Constant + Peaches