April News + Spring Cleaning

Multiple Spring breaks are over, so I expect April numbers to jump a fair bit. March was already picking up steam despite the school holidays, yet buyers still felt a slowdown of new listings.

Market stats for Davidson County are here, Williamson County are here.

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I love the casual, unpretentious vibe of this bedroom by Sarah Sherman Samuel. (Wrinkled sheets means I can relate!) DIY wall hanging? Yep,  learn how here, and see more of this bedroom.


Now that it seems second Winter may be passing on by, it is time for some seasonal maintenance tasks. Here’s a few things I like to get knocked out this time of year.

  1. Fireplace cleaning/maintenance. While it’s traditionally done in the Autumn/Fall, that’s their busy season, and it can take 2-3 weeks to get on the schedule. Get it done now, and at the first chill, you are cleared for flames.
  2. Dryer vent cleaning (some chimney sweeps offer this service, so get them both done at once!)
  3. Evaluate linens, pillows. Replace as needed, wash pillows and soak liners/cases in oxygen bleach that need a deep clean. Buying new linens? This guide to different fabrics can be helpful. I think I might want those teal green linens above.
  4. Steam clean carpets. Caveat: Wait until after the Oak tassels/green pollen film is finished, otherwise you will track allergens back onto your clean floors. I like to do this again in the fall until I can manage to eliminate carpet from my life completely. Goals!
  5. Check tile grout – clean and re-seal as needed.

Additional maintenance checklists were recently featured on Style Blueprint here.

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I’m honored to have been chosen as a member of the Greater Nashville Realtor’s 2018 Leadership Academy Class, along with 14 other Realtors in the Nashville area! Things kick off next week, so stay tuned on Instagram or my Facebook business page for updates.

If you follow me on either of those, did you vote on a sign option? It’s a tough decision, and I think I may stock 2 options in my arsenal in the end.

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It’s been more on the go eating again this month. My latest fave that can be made in 5 minutes or less is my “salmon cracker”. It was what I had on hand one afternoon, and has now become something I actually crave rather than a stopgap. It’s light enough for Spring, but enough protein to hold you longer than an hour. So simple to make if you have the ingredients:

Trader Joe’s (Giotto’s) Italian rosemary crackers
smoked salmon of your choice
crème fraiche (or sour cream)
scallions (or diced purple onion)
arugula, because everything tastes better with a little arugula, right?

Pile it on the cracker whichever way you like it. Done.


Lots happening in Nashville this weekend! The Nashville Wine & Food Festival, Cherry Blossom Festival, Sounds home games, AND the Downtown Nashville Home Tour. We are spoilt for choice! Have fun and be safe, whatever you choose.

Until next time!