Fall Y’all + Catbird Revisited

Market stats for last month are out and as the third quarter rounds out – there is a 4% increase in sales year to date. While other markets are seeing a more pronounced softening, the Nashville market is still very strong.

Mortgage rates are still low, and despite consumers using a bit more caution, they recognize that rates are better now over last Summer and acting sooner rather than later might save them in the long run.

Since Autumn seemed to finally show up this week, let’s look at what’s happening now that we can put the endless Summer behind us.

The Tennessee Beer + Wine Festival is from noon to 5:00 pm October 19th at Two Rivers Mansion. Attendees can expect a selection of over 90 from over 30 breweries, wine and high gravity beer samples, artisan booths, seminars, and local entertainment.

An event we have never attended and look forward to trying for the first time is Seasoned Sunday on November 10th. A collaborative effort between farms, chefs, brewers, and supporters looks to be a great day out with amazing food and beverages.

Hope to see you there!!

My husband had a milestone birthday (50!) a couple of weeks ago so we decided it was time to revisit The Catbird Seat – we hadn’t been since Trevor Moran was the chef, so it would be all new to us.

What did we think? It’s still the most theatrical meal you’ll probably get in the city, and it was very, very good. Watching the team of chefs operate in that small open kitchen like ballet is always fascinating. The wine pairings didn’t excite us as much as our last visit, but here are a few highlights from the dinner.

Needless to say – we did not leave hungry.

Ossetra caviar, black licorice toffee, and jersey cream – I despise licorice, but this was exceptional – tasted like a very sophisticated salted caramel when you closed your eyes. The Nigori saké from local distillery Proper Saké was excellent as well.

Goats Butter, strawberry and salted herring roe
Grilled Marlin belly

It was a memorable evening and a wonderful dining experience, but one we won’t likely splurge on regularly. Bastion is still our favorite place in town for creative tasting menus, but if you want to go big or go home – Catbird is quite the spectacle!

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween – I’m again relieved I will not be hosting a large outdoor party after so many years of doing so – I’m just not ready to dive back in, but I will enjoy watching and seeing everyone’s events unfold over the next few weeks!

Until next time!!