Happy New Year + 2019 Recap

2019 was another record-breaking year in the Nashville real estate market. While other markets are experiencing a slight cooling-off as predicted by now, Nashville is still holding strong. Corporate relocations to the area are creating more jobs and bringing more people here in general. The statistics on the top states gaining residents – surprise – Tennessee is number 9 adding 57,543 new residents in 2019.

The cost of renting vs buying skews favorably toward homeownership, and with our low interest rates predicted to hold for a few more months, our market remains healthy.

December was also a record-breaking month. The stats below show how we fared vs the previous year.

Year of the Rat

The lunar new year is approaching, and I always enjoy observing the celebrations around town. This year, there are several great choices to engage in the new year festivities. Hillsboro Village’s annual celebration, Plaza Mariachi, and my pick for the year, The Nashville Zoo’s Zoolumination combined with the new year celebration looks to be a wonderful event.

I’ll take any excuse to eat dumplings as well, so I plan to (FINALLY) check out the newish spot Steamboys and see if it’s up to scratch. I’m especially interested to try their xiaolong bao pictured below.

Until next time!