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My love for 70′s modern homes runs deep, and every time one of these gems hits the market, I get excited butterflies. The architect behind many of these dream homes was the late Robert M. Anderson Jr. Most of his homes were built in and around Forest Hills and Oak Hill, where he designed the structures to blend effortlessly into the sloped, wooded lots.

I have been working on a spreadsheet of all of the homes that he designed (that I am aware of), and I hope to create a map as I get it toward completion. Sadly, some have been torn down, but there are still quite a few that have been maintained in all their glory.

Some examples below:

1709 Tyne Blvd.


1819 Laurel Ridge Dr.

5891 Fredricksburg Dr – This was Robert Anderson’s personal home

An article on the renovation of this home was featured in Sophisticated Living.

507 West Hillwood Dr

I wish I could list them all, but I will save that for the map. Stay tuned for my nerdy architecture tour when I get it finished.

Here is an article posted in Garden and Gun on the extensive renovation of an Anderson home by Nathan Followill and his wife.

1/2016 UPDATE: I finished the map, and it can be found HERE. It’s an evolving project so stay tuned!

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  1. He designed our home at 605 Hogan Road as well. Thanks for putting this together.

  2. I live in the first home he built for his own family, 1807 Tyne Blvd., and I’m a huge fan. Thank you for putting this together!

    1. I also lived (grew up) in this house Robert Anderson first built for his family at 1807 Tyne Blvd., just after he moved out. Truly beautiful architecture,…. modern, minimalististic, so perfectly connected to the natural surroundings. The simplicity of the architectural forms and the materials used (such as rough western cedar & huge simple fenstration) spoke for themselves. In my opinion, Robert Anderson was a genius, and it is an honor to have lived in one of his masterpieces! Thank you also for putting this together.

  3. His work is very concentrated (geography-wise). Do you know if he ever designed anything outside of Nashville (like, say, in East Tennessee)?

    1. I know he designed some condos at Center Hill Lake, but I am not aware of any East TN projects….

    2. He designed a big house in southern Kentucky and then he lived in Oakland for a year and did some work out there too.

  4. We are planning a move to Nashville and stumbled across an amazing home by Anderson. We fell in love with his use of windows and how well it blended with the forest surroundings of Brentwood. Then we heard back from the realtor that it was already under contract **insert crying face here** — But our admiration for Anderson’s work still lives on and we are determined to find one of our very own! Please let us know if/when any go on the market or if there are other resources for alerting fans for potential opportunities to buy. Thanks for putting this together!

  5. I grew up in Nashville but have lived on the west coast for years now. The only thing could lure me back to Nashville is if I could live in one of Anderson’s creations.

  6. I grew up on the house on Clovercroft Road. My father asked Robert to site it half on land and half on the lake. He said ok as long as my dad engineered the lake and released him of liability! It was an amazing house. I could slide open the doors to the living room, sit on the carpet and fish. Sometimes i would catch a sofa pillow!

    And now i am an architect in Los Angeles.
    Totally because i grew up in that house.
    The house was remodeled later and pretty much ruined (my purist pov) But i sure do miss it! During the construction of the house he picked up and moved to California, leaving us high and dry, but then returned a year later complaining that you kick a rock in CA and an architect crawls out. I guess that is me now!

    1. Thanks for sharing that – I know your old house – it is quite something – how lucky to grow up there! I love your work – seems like you’re doing something right out there!!!

  7. Hi, I’m Robert M. Anderson, III his son and my daughter found this site today. What a nice Christmas surprise. If you want more information about his houses, let me know!

    1. We’d love to know EVERYTHING! Thank you so much for reaching out! I’d heard that the downtown library was going to host a retrospective a few years back with original plans etc.. but couldn’t find out if that happened or not? Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  8. We live in a Robert Anderson at 6009 Sherwood Drive. It is heaven. If you want a photo, I’d be happy to send one. Thank you for your passion!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by! I’d love a photo if you’re willing to share!

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