December News + Holiday Eateries

I have double the stats for you this month since I failed to get out a November newsletter!

Here are Davidson county market reports for October, and November, and Williamson county market reports for October and November.

At our sales meeting this week, there were very few upcoming listings, as the market winds into low gear for the Holidays.

Thinking of selling in 2018? Check my list of things to consider when prepping your home to list. Condition matters more than it used to in most areas of town, so keep that in mind when starting your plans and preparations.


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Whatever your New Year’s Eve plans, you’ll probably be wanting a decent brunch the next day, but assume everywhere is closed? Nope! These restaurants are a sampling of those offering New Year’s Day brunch.

The holidays are so busy, I am skipping the recipe this month, and instead mentioning places I want to cook (or make a drink) for me!

Nashville is still opening up new restaurants at breakneck speed. Which ones am I excited to try? ALL of them, but if I had to narrow it down, my next dining out experience will be at one of these spots. You’ll notice we gravitate to places with small plates/tasting menus. We like to sit at the bar and try a few different things rather than one main dish. Non-committal, or just greedy? I think both.

Black Rabbit – Looks perfect for cold winter nights. Nice small plate selection.

Kuchina and Keller – Strong German and Polish influenced menu.

The Mockingbird – Modern diner with lots of small plates always gets my attention.

The Fox Bar and Cocktail Club – Looks swanky and tasty!


Photo by Trey Cioccia from Black Rabbit: Embered carrot, ricotta, melted onion, farro, fennel, preserved lemon, and brown butter. 

Happy holidays, and best wishes for the new year!!

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