It’s Going To Be OK.

I’m hearing a lot of panic over the market correction where property values are concerned, and I’m here to share some data that might help. There is a significant difference between depreciating values, and a decreased level of appreciation. We’ve had unhealthy levels of appreciation the past year or so, and this correction puts us… Continue reading It’s Going To Be OK.

Market Update + Locust

“Are you seeing any softening in the market?” The answer is yes, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing…it’s helping bring a little more balance to an overheated Seller’s market. Higher interest rates and lower consumer confidence from inflation and a volatile stock market are contributing to a pause for some Buyers. Many of whom… Continue reading Market Update + Locust

It’s Not A Bubble + New Mobile App

Happy Spring of Deception everyone! As we swing between 80 and the teens, we’ll get to real Spring soon enough. So this is where the market is currently…… I get asked this question a LOT, so I figured I should address it here. Do I think this is a bubble and is the market going… Continue reading It’s Not A Bubble + New Mobile App

2021 Market Recap + Restaurant Reviews

Happy New Year – belatedly! I hope everyone survived/thrived in the Holiday season, and as we look ahead into 2022 we see some hope for normalcy, and less languishing. The final numbers for 2021 are in, and it was quite a year for our market. So where does that leave us? For now…more of the… Continue reading 2021 Market Recap + Restaurant Reviews

Market Update + New Brokerage

August was hot, and the market cooled ever so slightly. As you can see, inventory is still down so it is still a Seller’s market and will be for the foreseeable future, but not as overheated as we saw this Spring between mid-March and mid-May. This is giving Buyers a chance to breathe a bit… Continue reading Market Update + New Brokerage

2021 Half Done + Honey Update

It’s hard to believe 2021 is half done – it’s been moving too fast for me! The market is rebalancing a little bit (finally!) as this time of year is usually a little slower with travel etc… but inventory is still low, albeit increasing gradually. As you can see from the graphic above…we are still… Continue reading 2021 Half Done + Honey Update

Yes, It IS That Crazy Out There.

I’ve been meaning to write for awhile, but the market is in such a state that I was not sure where to begin? What is happening nationally, is intensified here in Nashville at a more exacerbated level. You’ve probably already heard, there is an inventory shortage, driving competition among buyers to a level that is… Continue reading Yes, It IS That Crazy Out There.

2020 Market Recap

You still hanging in there?! Dry January isn’t happening this year for me and I’ll leave it at that! Market stats for 2020 show what we’ve surprised ourselves by saying for most of the pandemic…real estate is still churning. December was another solid month despite the Holidays. And 2020 as a whole compared to 2019…..… Continue reading 2020 Market Recap

Fall Updates + Holidays

With inventory still very tight, and interest rates historically low, we are continuing a strong Seller’s market here in Nashville. As you can see below, the demand is also driving up prices. In other news, I have had the great honor of being voted onto the Board of Directors for Greater Nashville REALTORS®️, and am… Continue reading Fall Updates + Holidays

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